Saturday, November 30, 2013


Money Management seminar by our Treasurer Charles M.S.W

During EDP Training 

During EDP Training 

During evaluation 

During lunch

Thursday, November 28, 2013

EDP Training photos

During EDP session with Arockia 

Panchayath Level Federation Secretary in the session  

Mr.Mageshwaran Production Manager sugar factory in his session 

The Training  women entrepreneurs 

During Group Activities 

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

MOU with Inventure capital corporation

During MOU signings in our office 

Mr.Jagan Selvaraj M.S.W,CEO Arockia Raj, CEOShivani,Sonali and Mr. Ajay in Group 

Arockia , Mr.Charles M.S.W, Shivani, Sonali and Mr.Ajay

Group of AHM and Inventure 

Dear friends and well wishers of AHM NGO,
Another new and innovative mobile based financial literacy  programme MOU signed on 20th November 2013 at 11am in our office.Such a young and Innovative youth NRIs those who are working for the financial literacy programme for their country  India is highly appreciable. 

We the AHM team wants to work with them for CREDIT ratings and Monthly family budgeting . Once we clear about it ,the work is easy for our impact investing.
Let us see what is happening with this project...
AHM publication team  

Friday, November 15, 2013

Financial literacy programme pilot study with InVenture Capital Corporation and AHM NGO

AHM NGO Director with his team and Mr.Jegan Selvaraj during introduction  about Inventure

Mr.Jegan Selvaraj M.S.W during demonstration about Insight software with SHG Members

Dear friends and well wishers of AHM NGO!

                                                                                                                     The innovative financial literacy program with InVenture Capital Corporation has been started as a pilot.After 20th  November 2013, we are going to start it in full fledged swing. AHM NGO wants to collaborating in the field of credit rating, monthly profit and loss report of the existing women entrepreneurs and SHG members.
Let us wait for the interesting out puts and results in the life of rural Tamil Nadu.

AHM NGO publication Team

Friday, November 8, 2013

Thursday, November 7, 2013

AHM - CHILASA Selected Entrepreneurs Part I

Dear friends and well wishers of AHM NGO,

The Project "Empowerment of Women through Income Generation Activities" AHM NGO and CHILASA project is running and we have completed milestone one and two. I.e. selection criteria , selection tool and women social entrepreneur  selection process is completed. 

Now we are going to give capacity  training for the selected entrepreneurs.For that process CHILASA INDIA communication incharge Miss.Hanna visited for to take documentation and video covering the activities of AHM NGO.  

So this  middle of November we are going to start a phase II loan disbursement. 

For the training AHM has a plan to spent  300 man days.

Now let us see the photos and videos of the HANNA visit.

Solar Panel and Lantern entrepreneurs  Gnanasoundary , Amala Divya  AHM NGO staff, Board member  and Miss Hanna from  CHILASA INDIA 

Miss.Gnanasoundary  in her sales unit 

The marketing team AHM NGO 

Sayathali Fathima in her production unit

Miss. Hanna from CHILASA India during video covering 

Sayathlai Fathima With her employees

The vermicompost used farm land

You can see video uploading in the second part
Thanks and Regards
AHM NGO Publication team