Friday, March 25, 2016

AHM NGO NEW CSR Project on Women Social Enterprise

Dear Friends and well wishers of AHM NGO!

Our own brain child concept innovative women social enterprise project has been started. In this three day work shop, The following activities has been finished.

1. Focused Group Discussion (FGD)

2. Selection Criteria Tool

3. EDP Training 

4. Selection of women social entrepreneurs

5. Selection of women social enterprise

6. Field   visit to women social enterprise 

7. The prospective women social enterprise got financial assistant.

This is a one year project. We  need volunteers and project consultants for this project.


publication team. 

Monday, March 7, 2016

International women's Day celebration and Demands from 6000 Women from AHM NGO - KPM

Demands of women SHG Members

Demands of women SHG Members

Women day celebration 2016 march

AHM NGO Director with village level group and village president

Women Experience Sharing

Women Musical Chair game

Women Musical Chair Game Finalist

Women Robe pulling competition

Women Robe pulling competition

Women robe Pulling long shot

Dear friends and well wishers of AHM NGO,

Wish you a very happy international women's day.!

Nearly 6000 women Self Help Group members from 450 women self help groups gathered in different villages from Nelvoy, Vedanthangal,  Endathoor, Koodapakkam, Manampathi, Perunagar, Kancheepuram.

The demands from the women SHG members has been documented in the program.  It has been uploaded in the first photo in the article.

AHM NGO media Team.



Friday, February 19, 2016

The life style of Tribal and GYPSYS

Literacy program for drop outs

Literacy program for drop outs

GYPSIES project consultation meeting with AHM NGO

Women skill related activities

Women skill related activities  
The first GYPSI engineer  

Dear friends and Well wishers are AHM NGO!

In the 11th year of AHM NGO, We move forward to give our service to tribal's and GYPSYS. In deed it is true that their generation set back socially, educationally and economically. 

So our board members wants to do something for them for the coming years. If anybody wants to do something for them its well and good.

with many thanks 


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