Tuesday, May 27, 2014

AHM NGO - CHILASA Women Entreprenuer business performance

AHM NGO - CHILASA Social Enterprise project 

Dear friends and well wishers of AHM NGO !

AHM NGO - CHILASA Social Enterprise Model is running  well.

We want to replicate this model in the other parts of Tamil Nadu. So we want to investors, Donors. Please do not hesitate to call us +919443596715 or mail us : arokkm@gmail.com

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Arockia Raj, Project Director  

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Participatory Rural Appraisal (PRA) in Jawhadi hills, Jamuna Marathoor

From  Left Mr.Arockia Raj Director, AHM NGO and Mr.Samuel Director ,IRGM NGO
The partner NGOs of this PRA 

The final finding sharing by Mr.John Margue 

The whole team of Animators from 15 villages of Jawahdi hills

Dear friends and well wishers of AHM NGO!

                                                                            As you know Jawhadi hills are under developed Tribal belt that as unique cultural bindings  and values in the world. We have taken the following tribal villages as a sample survey with our Animators veerapanoor - Mr.Murugadoss , Kumpalamarathoor - Mr.V.P.Barnabass, Kattiyan kudesai - Mr.Johnsoundarajan,Veppakuppam - Mr.John Margu, Alleri village- Mr.John Margu,SinthalorMr.K.Manikkam,Puliyur-Mr.Stephen,Athukkanur - Mr.Manickam,Vasanthapur -  ,Kaavaloor,Kundalathoor - Mr.John Newton,Thoppoor _ Mr.Balaji ,Velamuchi - Mr.Stephen,

Key findings

                     Normally 99% of their needs are their basic rights like food, Shelter and  drinking water, Open defecation toilet , Forest product pricing . But all this problem will be solved by the local administrations and CBOs. 

But we found that still there is a technology gap is there. Before six years we found there is no cellphone signals but now we easily access all the cell phone signals. But there is no computer center and browsing center to access. Online marketing can be applicable here to sell their forest products. 

AHM findings and plans

                                                              We want to establish one computer centre and browsing centre. we want to collect nominal fees for that because we have a donor to donate 10 computers but we want another donors for room rent and computer teacher salary for one year.If any body want to donate you are most welcome and call us +919443596715 (Arockia Raj)and mail us : arokkm@gmail.com. We want to thank our IRGM NGO partner Mr.Samuel make it possible.

AHM NGO publication team