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Loyola college vettavalam – Minutes of the meeting

Date : 19.07.2013 and 20.07.2013
Place: Loyola College, Vettavalam , Tiruvannamalai
Participants: 1. Dr.Eujene Muthu , Head of the Department(HOD), BBA division
2. Mr.Arockia Raj, Programme Director, AHM NGO
3. Miss.Vedanayagi, Director, Thendral Movement
4. Prof.Surendar, senior grade
5.Prof.Ananda Raj
Session  - 1
Moderator : Mr.Arockia raj, Program Director , AHM NGO


Orientation about the project: The present problem and opportunities in the village has been discussed in the meetings. Some of the main points are village economy, Women Self Help group (SHGs), Below poverty line (BPL), Social enterprise, rural youth employment, Village panchayath, village panchayath poverty reduction programmes , MNREGA and Agriculture.  
The professors gave excellent points in the discussion, some of them are
   The village youths migrated to urban and semi urban areas
2.    The village food and agricultural security turn down like ever before.
3.    Self Help Group concept has their limitations.
4.     MNREGA work reduces the agricultural labors and other social welfare activities.
5.    Rural youth employment and their livelihood opportunities are decreasing.
6.     The village panchyayath and the NGOs has to take care about social enterprise.
7.    The village people have to create more local jobs.
8.     The BPL list in the village has to review through field visit.

The team identifies the problem and opportunities in the village. The moderator explains, what is the importance of selection of social enterprise and entrepreneur?. The team understood objective of the  AHM NGO – CHILASA business plan.
Session  - 2
Moderators: Dr.Eujene Muthu, HOD, Department of BBA,Loyola College , Vettavalam in Tiruvannamalai, Miss.Vedanayagi, M.S.W., Director, Thendral Movement, Vellore



Selection of social enterprise and entrepreneur:
Dr.Eujene Muthu and Miss Veda explain, what is the necessary of criteria to select social enterprise and entrepreneur?.The moderators explain the success of social enterprise is based on selection and monitoring mechanism. The discussion is based on the first session, the problem and solutions in the village. So the team gave the following activities are more important to select social entrepreneur. From those activities the team has to frame the selection criteria tool and Monitoring and evaluation tool.

Selection of social entrepreneur

1.    We can make use of group identification organization like village president, SHGs, NGOs and  youth clubs
2.    Age of the entrepreneur
3.    The business model is socially and environmental friendly model (Education , Health, food, agri and livelihoods)
4.    Business plan should be  social innovation and inclusion
5.    Weather the enterprise is registered body and Insured
6.    Individual or cooperative model
7.    Ability ,vision and mission of the social entrepreneur
8.     Credibility and sustainability
9.    Date of establishment of the enterprise
10.  No of employees in the enterprise
11.  The enterprise must have bank account and bank transaction
12.  The enterprise must have maintain records like sales , order and Daily account
13.  Size of the family , Widow, Destitute and physically challenged

The team members explain before get in to the selection tool and monitoring tool the above points to be considered.  We should move towards the rural community to evaluate what is happening in the viable social enterprise. So field visit is essential before selection.

Monitoring tool for social enterprise
1. Monthly report
2. Bank transaction
3. Audit report
4. Local job creation
5. Profit and loss account
6. Asset creation
7. Reinvestment from the net profit
8. Visible changes in the family
9. More branches in different villages
10. Loan repayment schedule

The following major  points are  came from the team members.
Conclusion :
With this selection criteria and monitoring tool inputs, the core team will sit together and frame the selection criteria and monitoring tool.

Session  - 3

The core team for selection and monitoring tool
Name of the person
Contact number
Miss.Indumathy, President AHM NGO, In-charge web admin, Tiruvannamalai.

Miss.Vedanayagi, Director , Thendral Movement, Vellore.

Mr.Charles, Treasurer AHM NGO, Kancheepuram.

Dr.Eugine Muthu, Finance Director, HOD, Loyola college, Tiruvannamalai.
Doctorate in women SHG in Madurai Area,

Mr.Arockia raj, Programme Director , AHM NGO,Kancheepuram

Mr.Rupesh Menan, Vice Chairman, Govt. of Rajasthan Skill Development corporation, Jaipoor.


We include more people from different categories because we want to create an effective selection and monitoring tool so that we can implement the project as per the CHILASA’s vision and mission. When we include academic institution, we can give and get more accurate case studies, datas and results.The selection and monitoring tool will ready in the stipulated time. Based on this tools we can frame the curriculum for the EDP training. The tool will be designed on objective type and the entire question will carry marks. So one entrepreneur score more marks, he will be selected as a successful social entrepreneur.  We thank all the team members for their wonderful help and support to design this task as success as possible. Thank you very much!

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