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Women Social enterprise an innovative way for community development in rural areas

karpagam Entrepreneurs

AHM NGO - CHILASA SBA women entrepreneurs - Picture 1

 The Different bet ween micro finance system and MSME
Dear friends and well wishers of AHM NGO!
Micro finance is a good system for bottom of pyramid poor people in the world but It has its own limitations. For example Micro finance is good for pro poor  because with that MF system they can survive and fulfill their basic amenities. But there is no inbuilt system to upgrade from MF system into MSME.But AHM NGO has their own system  of tool and strategy  to upgrade to MSME. 
We evaluate successful business model based on two  factors 1. More local Job,2. Create asset. But in the micro finance system , we cant see developmental outcomes. It is only for their survival.  Because this system struck the entrepreneur to be in the MF system but with our innovative tool and intervention we can upgrade a new version of MSME from MF system.
Because in the micro finance system a particular man or family will benefit even they wont think about the growth of the enterprise  and the local job and the asset creation.I want to give you the case study of the business model   
AHM NGO - CHILASA Business Model - Picture 2
 Karpagam, is the women entrepreneur with the big smile and wearing the green sari in the photo.  There is good reason for the smile. Since being selected for AHM NGO - Chilasa’s Small Business Accelerator (SBA), Karpagam has grown the revenue of her micro enterprise 35x, created 5 new jobs in her village, and helped to increase the household income of 100 vegetable producers in her neighbourhood villages . She began with a small plot of land growing her own vegetables, now she is in the distribution business with ambitions to expand even further!
We launched the AHM NGO Chilasa SBA project in 2013 to provide a solution to the problems and limitations of microfinance. Businesses like Karpagam’s cannot grow because microfinance loans are too small, and entrepreneurs need much more than financial support to succeed. Too many entrepreneurs like Karpagam get stuck on the treadmill of subsistence level activities. These enterprises fail to generate employment and economic growth, because the technical, mentoring, and financial support simply does not exist.These business model mobilizes the external resources from Govt. of Tamil Nadu , Women Development corporation.
There are 30 million micro and small enterprises in India like Karpagam’s business, and more than 70% of these have unmet demand for financial and business building support. Helping families and communities lift themselves out of poverty requires that we unleash the potential of small growing businesses.
One of our recent accomplishments has been to establish a pipeline of 10’000 micro and small enterprises that have requested growth finance and business building support. The majority of these require debt financing.
To seize this opportunity I am very pleased to announce the launch of a second round of financing from CSR India fund , Funding agencies , VC, angel investor and donors.
Karpagam is a catalyst of transformation, helping her family and community lift themselves out of poverty. Your support can be the difference between the treadmill or transformation.
If you would like to learn more about our plans to create more local Jobs and Poverty alleviation , and discuss how you or your organization can be involved please contact me for further details.
The amount which you invested in the project are tax exempted as per Indian Income tax act.
Warm Regards,
Arockia raj, Director Programs

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