Thursday, December 4, 2014


The LOYOLA MATHS and FOOD CHEMISTRY Departments friends Nishit H Mehta,Nagarjun.N.T, E.SAJENA EDWIN, Madhan Kumar.M, Amala Immanuel,Navin Kumar.U, NithyaJuliet

Dear friends and Well Wishers of AHM NGO,

On 4rth of December 2014 , 

We met friends from Loyola College ,Chennai for their village experience. It is very nice meeting from the department of Maths  and Food Chemistry students. I am wondering how the management accepted to go  and bring the knowledge the  village,Life , social set up and problem. It is indeed the required syllabus for the college students. I congratulate the managements for this program.

I want to share some most impressing moments from the students

1. One student quoted that sir we don't know the separation  in the villages as a "voor"  and "Colony" that our team expressed not in the village it is exist all over the India. May be that student was born and brought up in city.

2. They ask about 100 day (MNRGEA) positive and Negative impact 

3.One Girl from Kerala compares the malnutrition issue for Tamil Nadu and Kerala

4.They express the different between the village and the city

Even though they are from Maths and  food chemistry department they must  have to come and live with this society. Normally social work department will do like this.

To summarize it is a meaningful effort  by the management and the students by the loyolacollege

We wish them all the very best for their future end avers


Publication team  


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