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Mrs.Syathali fathima is a thirty two years old widow from socially and economically backward Muslim community. She has finished her 3rd standard in education. She has one elder son who is studying 11th standard and one younger daughter. Fathima’s ex husband is living with another woman to the next street of her house. So Sayathali Fathima wants to educate her children, want to stand on her own leg with economically empowered. These pathetic situations changed her life to start a pappad Business. Her mother Meera is the role model to her business pappad making. Syathalifathima is working in the field nearly about 24 years (at the age of eight). Now she is giving job opportunity to other seven women in her area. Their monthly income is nearly six thousands Indian rupees. We need more supporters, Donor, CSR Partner and VC to continue and replicate  this project. For more detail 9443596715 or
Name of the entrepreneur                              :           H.Sayathali fathima
Name of the unit                                             :           H.Sayathalifathima Pappad Unit
Nature of Business                                         :           Pappad Manufacturing
Age                                                                  :           32 yrs
Number of employees                                                :           9(including self)
Date of Loan Applied                                      :           26.11.2013
Date of loan disbursement and Amount         :           02.12.2013, INR 75000
Half yearly turn over                                       :           369142
Future vision in the three year                        :           To give employment opportunity to another 10  
                                                                        People and Monthly turnover will INR 100000.
Legally registered under                                 :           TIN, PAN, MSME (SSI), Insurance and SHG
Total Salary to the owner in 7 month              :           54894
Total profit earned in 7 month                         :           103636
No of Local Job before the project                 :           5 nos
No of Local Job after the project                    :           9 Nos 

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